Another day, another fabulous blogger who’s excited about the merge of fashion and technology. Straight off her CuteCirtuit fittings for #INTERLACED2015, Emily shares views on fashion tech. 

How do you define fashion tech?

Emily: I would define fashion tech as a new and upcoming movement that connects the two most influential parts of our life – fashion and technology.

What excites you about this emerging industry? 

Emily: The thing that excites me the most about this industry is that it has such a big target audience. Both young and older generations have interest in fashion as it’s something essential for every one of us. We also have unstoppable in technology because we’re so dependent on it nowadays. I believe it is an industry that can appeal to everyone, there are no boundaries within this market.


How do you think technology is changing fashion? 

Emily: It is definitely changing fashion in a way people couldn’t have imagined. If you think about watches, they are a major part for an outfit looking whole, most people have a go-to watch that they wear on a daily basis, and this is a prime example of wearable technology. The way wearable technology is evolving is incredible, you can now have so much more than this. These ideas were unimaginable before. Think about how much this can evolve in the next few years!

What is your dream fashion tech product / wearable? 

Emily: I would say my dream fashion tech product would be a pair of high heels that could act as a phone. I am always accidentally leaving my phone somewhere on nights out as I never have anywhere to put it, so this would be so much more practical!

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August 15, 2015

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