Karen is a Filipino-Australian fashion designer based in Paris. After graduating from a BA in Communication Arts at the University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines, she continued her studies at La Trobe College of Art and Design in Melbourne. And pursued with a Design and Creation course at Esmod Paris. In 2013 she won a full scholarship at IFA Paris to continue her studies at a Post-Graduate level.

Having lived in four different countries, Karen often draws inspiration from contrasting cultures and relationships of all kinds. Her graduating show in January 2015 defined her signature style – innovative, crisp yet fun and playful. While trying to understand the intimate relation of technology and the body, Karen played with the juxtaposition of unusual shapes and deconstructed silhouettes; the interaction between supple fabrics and flexible wood, eventually creating a collection where art, fashion and technology collide in perfect harmony.

Far from working solely on new variations of colors or silhouettes, Karen continually seeks to integrate innovation into the clothes she imagines, be it in the form of new materials or in design. Thus, for her collection, she incorporated wooden elements, relaxed by specific laser cuts adding a third dimension to the garments. She recently won the E-Fashion Awards, where she presented a collection designed thanks to an interactive recording motion software, developed specifically for this collection, to generate random volumes that serve as basis for the design of the collection.


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August 30, 2015

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