Why are we so obsessed with fashion? After all, some might argue, fashion is just clothes.. So why we just can’t get enough of this industry and everything that comes with it? Because it makes us look and feel good, that’s why. And nothing is more important than being confident in your own skin. So in this line of thoughts, we’d like to point that ‘feel good’ factor again and introduce you to a new wonderful service that we’re championing right now: USPAAH.

USPAAH is the only high end, on demand, mobile spa service in London (lucky us!).  The team at USPAAH cater for people with hectic lives and refined lifestyles by bringing qualified massage and beauty professionals to your doorstep within an hour of booking. Fast, easy and wait-free seems like a dream if you live in London (or any cosmopolitan city for that matter), so we were thrilled when we found USPAAH.

The startup aims to be the number one service for clients to use, and the number one platform for freelance professionals to join. The company wants to change the lives of not only its clients, but its therapists as well, by finally giving them the pay they deserve while bridging the gap between flexible demand and working hours.



The services USPAAH offer include manicure and pedicures, hand and foot massage with premium products, calm and rejuvenating body massages with all natural oils and an upcoming blowouts that will make your hair looking glamorous thanks to USPAAH’s experienced stylists and certified high-end products.

After such treatment we guarantee you’ll look and feel amazing, no matter what you put on!

We’re excited to say that USPAAH’s founder, Iglika Ghouse ,will joins us at #INTERLACED2015. USPAAH’s also including something special in each goodie bag, so be sure to grab a ticket and come hang out with us!

Download USPAAH here.

If you want to find out more about the future of fashion join us at #INTERLACED2015 on 3rd September. Tickets are on sale now.

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August 21, 2015

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