Until we first et Bryan Oknyansky back in January, we had no idea that 3D printing, footwear and comfort can go hand in hand. Sure, we had seen the incredible designs of Francis Bitonti and United Nude, but while these pieces were created mostly with the aim to travel from exhibition to exhibition in mind, Bryan’s designs are done with his customer in mind: fashion-forward women.


Editorial in Flux Magazine; Shoes by Bryan Oknyansky

Bryan is an international award-winning product architect known for inventing pioneering products that have taken him around the world as a lecturer and speaker. With 15 years of experience in the architecture, product and footwear design industries, Bryan specializes in using the latest robotic manufacturing technologies like 3D printing to reinvent the world around us, one product at a time.

Bryan founded Shoes By Bryan in 2012 – a London-based fashion and technology startup pioneering mass-market 3D printed footwear unique to every single foot in the world while also looking, and feeling, great. Alongside running his growing design practice, Bryan is an innovation consultant to multiple design industries, directs an independent CAD training program and is a Visiting Lecturer at Regent’s University London School of Fashion and Design.

His architectural background helps his progressive thinking and innovative designs and while he realises the challenges for 3D printing to become widely adopted in the fashion industry, he’s one of the innovators shaping its future.

Back in May Bryan took part in our panel at Digital Shoreditch on the past, present and future of fashion and technology, raising fundamental challenges and opportunities in this emerging industry so needless to say that we just had to invite him back for #INTERLACED2015. On 3rd of September, he will join Faith Robinson (The 3D Print Show), Roberta Lucca (WonderLuk) and Nikolay Piriankov (Rare Pink) to discuss the game-changing potential of 3D printing in fashion. Join us!

If you want to find out more about the future of fashion join us at #INTERLACED2015 on 3rd September. Early bird tickets are on sale now.

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August 19, 2015

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