It’s not easy to define Anton Dvorakovsky. Working in digital marketing for luxury fashion and travel brands while also running Style Division – lifestyle, fashion, photography and tech blog – pretty much describes our idea of work hard, play hard.

You can spot him at the craziest festivals one day and at a VR demo the next. Trust us, he’s got the best stories to tell! Through Style Division, Anton brings his readers the latest style trends, street photography and technology related to fashion and retail. Functioning as a standalone site for over 2 years, Style Division has been involved in a number of projects with brands such as Zara, Hard Graft, flydubai, Alexander McQueen and Logitech, to name a few.

Before #INTERLACED2015, where Anton will join as a speaker and official blogger, we caught up with him for a short interview.

ownonly-london-embankment-daniel-wellington-trench-coat-blog-29 How do you define fashion tech?

Anton: It’s the partnership of two important disciplines – fashion and technology. Even though they stand on opposite ends of the spectrum (fashion is cool and hip whilst technology might be seen as geeky) over the last couple of years both have progressed and intertwined in ways nobody could have imagined.

What excites you about this emerging industry? 

Anton: The fast nature of fashion is complemented perfectly by the development of new and emerging technologies. A few years ago it was simply impossible to create an accessory with sensors and beacons for a reasonable price and yet in 2015 it’s not uncommon to see wearables on people’s wrists. The adoption and understanding of technologies among the public is also growing quickly. You’re no longer seen as a cyberpunk if you claim that 3D printed dresses and augmented reality changing rooms are in our future.

How do you think technology is changing fashion? 

Anton: The word technology is far too broad to provide a meaningful definition but there’s no doubt that technology has changed the world of fashion. On one side of the coin it has allowed us to interact with brands and fellow enthusiast through social media, experiences can now be shared and interacted with which is perfect for any brand that wants to establish a long-term relationship with it’s customers. Technology has also made it easier to create new and unique designs, share them with the world and manufacture them at a fraction of the cost. With the rise of personal 3D fabric printing and massive online design libraries we’re slowly moving into a world of abundance and fashion tech is one of the pioneering disciplines getting us there.

What is your dream fashion tech product / wearable? 

Anton: An augmented reality clip on that can be attached to a pair of glasses / sunnies and allow the wearer to have a new layer of the world that’s unique to them. Imagine looking in a mirror and having your body rendered in the latest Burberry suit or walking past shops and seeing personalised messages about their latest deals and discounts. The possibilities are literally limitless although as we’ve seen with the Google Glass pioneers the first step is getting the public to accept them, the rest is easy.

On 3rd of September, Anton will join Ross Taylor (Cult LDN), Villy Devlioti (Cult LDN) and Ivailo Jordanov (Styloko) to discuss the how technology is changing fashion. Join us!

If you want to find out more about the future of fashion join us at #INTERLACED2015 on 3rd September. Tickets are on sale now.

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